Coney Craftoween Day 29: Run away!

That’s no ordinary rabbit! That’s the most foul cruel, and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Rabbits being agents of chaos and fear is not a new concept. It has been around for while and has been addressed in a variety of media.

For many children, scary bunnies can be vampiric and vegetarian, as evidenced by the beloved Bunnicula series.

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For adults, bunnies can be seriously scary business. Check out “Night of the Lepus” a tale of hormonal experiments on Arizona rabbits gone horribly wrong. Tis 1972 film was viewed as sci-fi horror and played upon growing concerns about the dangers of domesticating animals and exploring genetics. This film has gained a cult following because it is just so bad it is funny.

And bunnies can be seriously scary and FUNNY business. Check out “Bunny the Killer Thing”. In this film 2015, British and Finnish friends find themselves in a remote cabin being harassed by a killer half man half rabbit beast. This film has been called “a school boy joke” by its own director. One reviewer said watching it was “a painful experience and felt like a personal insult.” It is base, raw, and gross and very very funny in a violent slasher film kind of way.

Looking to make some scary rabbits for the Halloween season? How about playing around with your chocolate bunny molds. You can make zombie bunnies with different colors of chocolate melts. Or, use some royal frosting and various sprinkles, etc. to modify store bought chocolate rabbits.

zombie bunny | Chocolate bunny, Zombie bunny, Chocolate easter bunny

You can also embellish peeps!

Boozy Zombie Bunny Marshmallows | The Homicidal Homemaker

But no rabbit stirs up the kind of fear that comes from the terror that is

The Rabbit of Caerbannog aka

The Vorpel Bunny

You can celebrate this wonder in a variety of ways.

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Cupcakes Tutorial

You might think that the Vorpel Bunny is just a construct, but it has roots in old stories an ideas. The Vampire Rabbit of Newcastle Upon Tyne is a creature of legend. He (or she) has been guarding over a cathedral door for……… a little over 100 years. Yep, not since the times of the ancient Celts. Just since the 20th century. But cool none the less.

A much more likely ancestor of the Monty Python nemesis is one of the many violent rabbits found in medieval manuscripts.

Killer Rabbits in Medieval Manuscripts: Why So Many Drawings in the Margins  Depict Bunnies Going Bad | Open Culture
Violent Rabbit Illustrations Found in the Margins of Medieval Manuscripts |  Colossal
Pin on Medieval

These rabbits don armor, torture hunters, ride hounds, train hunting snails, and do as they darn well please. Why? The monks responsible for painting them had a sense of humor and an apparent appreciation for ultra violence.

These little terrors have inspired all kinds of artwork. The Skull and Crown miniature company specializes in creating miniature figures for table top gaming and diorama enthusiasts. They have created killer rabbits based on medieval art and promoted them in Kickstarter campaigns.

Ms. Sid, being a diorama enthusiast and fan of historical weirdness, just had to have some of these lovely creatures. Craftoweener JeffR , an award winning miniature painter, gave them his special touch.

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