Coney Craftoween Day 25: The Folk Horror Life chose you.

All Hallow’s Eve approaches- the spookiest time of the year. Folk Horror, like Halloween, happens everyday, you just have to commit to the aesthetic and attitude!

Ms. Sid is privileged to have this custom painted Funkin made by Craftoweener JenniferC. It perfectly depicts a tree silhouetted against a ominous red sky on one side and a crescent moon over a mysterious stand of trees on the other side. It sets the tone so well for getting in the spooky harvest mood. Plus- not likely to rot and decay.Which is totally a Folk Horror thing, but this is about appropriateness, not authenticity.

A good place to get ideas is pinterest. If you just do a topic search of “Folk Horror” you will get countless rabbit holes to go down. There are whole boards dedicated to collecting ideas and images about the genre.

Speaking of collections of ideas and images, here is Ms. Sid’s Coney Craftoween Pinterest Board- started in 2018.

Some music to get in the mood.

Yes. That is the actor who plays Laszlo in “What We Do in the Shadows” He has released several modern folk music albums.

Fake it till you make it by making creative language choices about your everyday events.

Perhaps you could build your own Wicker Man.

Or maybe a smaller scale would suit you better.

Gardening has BIG cottage core energy as well as practical terrifying applications.

Perhaps you could spend some of your time alone planning a future important event.

You can research harvest time festivals.

Some spooky confections would be nice.

How about some vaguely apotropaic pretzel stick treats.

Or use up the very last of your Peeps from your quarantine Spring

Awareness is everything. You have to be on the look out for what you want to find. Here is a Folk Horror Bingo card for you to print and keep with you. If you get Bingo, you probably should immediately leave where you are and go home ASAP.

No description available.

Grab some farm implements and take some photos. Make sure to stage a really strange shrine like assemblage in the background.

Then, play around with filters and effects in your photo editing program of choice. Boom- stuff gets really weird

Veteran Craftoweeners Nic and JP posing at a safe distance from the camera at the 2020 Craftoween Open House 10/24/2020

It is all in your frame of mind. Just shift your perspective.

No description available.
Spooky stuff is where you find it

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