Craftoween Day 24: Celebration Preparation

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In a typical year, Ms. Sid would be spending today getting ready for several dozen guests to come over for a Craftoween Open House – always the last Saturday before Halloween. Crafting stations would be set up in various spots, the communal feasting areas would be arranged, and an open buffet of treats would be ready to be served.

This year is different.

Only a small group of Craftoweeners- those in Ms. Sid’s quarantine pod- will be coming over for festivities. The Cottage Core dress code includes masks and merriment will be choreographed with social distancing in mind. Craftoween is a much smaller much more insular affair this year. Even so, there is no reason why Craftoweeners can’t enjoy some of the festivity at home on their own. Here is a collection of recipes and decorations that Ms. Sid will be using for the party. Hopefully they will inspire you to live deliciously and don pretty dresses.

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Some of the items Ms, Sid has been collecting for Coney Craftoween decor for the last 2 years or so.

The Cottage Core tablescapes will be composed of a hodge podge of Ms. Sid’s crockery including historical reproduction pieces, vintage items from the 1970s, green reproduction depression glass, and bunny and vegetable motif items. Ms. Sid will dress the dessert buffet table in hand embroidered folk motif heirloom linens mixed with items from Ikea. Decorative gourds and autumn foliage will also be displayed.

No description available.

The luncheon will be a salad bar, naturally. It will include produce from Ms. Sid’s favorite produce stand. Amongst the selection of components will be a PSRT vinaigrette dressing featuring dried herbs from Ms. Sid’s 2020 garden of doom ( RIP).

No description available.

Of course, there will be butter! And bread. Cider, quarantine kitchen kombucha, and iced tea will be served.

The Sweet and Sinister Lucky 13 Dessert Buffet, a Craftoween tradition of 11 years now, will include a variety of treats including carrot cake and coconut cake. There will also be home made chocolate bunnies, and meringue and marshmallow mushrooms ( see Coney Craftoween Day 15 for links to instructions). Also included are….

Bird’s Nests

No Bake Butterscotch and Peanut Butter Bird's Nest Cookies: Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner. This calls for a batch of adorable no bake butterscotch and peanut butter bird's nest cookies |
Note: Ms. Sid uses potato sticks instead of the chow mein noodles for a GF substitution. These can be made with chocolate chips instead of butterscotch chips. The eggs can also be jelly beans. These treats work as bird nests but could be for dragons, reptiles, dinosaurs, or platypus nests depending on your inclinations.

Coney Food Snack Mix

No description available.
2 parts each of the cereals, 1 part each of the candies. FYI- Candy Corn has been served at every single Craftoween.

There will also be a selection of purchased seasonal and coney adjacent confections

No description available.

Coney Craftoween focus crafts have already been shared on this blog. They are scherenschnitte, decoupage eggs, and floral headdresses. Hopefully, they have inspired Craftoweeners from afar.

Some additional ideas might add to the festivity.

Autumn papercutting and cottage core style decor

Here is an entire party planned with the 1970s in mind and bunnies and veggies galore.

As masks are encouraged, creative masks are perfect!

This style works great when worn with virus transmission prevention masks.

Paper plate masks! Made by Ms. Sid in the Spring of 2017

If you find you have a shortage of lagomorphs, here are some quick ideas to DIY some trickster friends

Traditional Origami Bunny Rabbit Diagram - Paper Kawaii #origami #diagram #origamiart

You could even have one made of cake!

You may be wondering why Ms. Sid is serving coconut cake.

Eastertide always meant a coconut cake with jelly bean decorations in Ms. Sid’s childhood home.

Her maternal grandmother always made them. That is until one year, when things went terribly awry.

Now, Ms. Sid serves them in homage to trickster hares!

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