Coney Craftoween Day 25: A Celebration in Context

Like what earrings would I wear to sacrifice Nicolas Cage?

J.Tex, Craftoweener

Ms. Sid faced a dilemma for Craftoween 2020- forge ahead in the way planned ( 2 years ago) for this year’s celebration or recognize the context in which October 2020 was placed at this point of a very challenging year. Ms. Sid chose to lean in and here are the results.

Ms. Sid was joined by her Quarantine Pod- the small group of individuals who shared her style of commitment to Covid 19 protocols. Everyone wore cottage core attire accessorized with fabric face masks. Everyone kept their distance when unmasked and was respectful of giving distance to one another while getting beverages, etc. The above quote is a testament to how much these wonderful individuals embraced the absurdity of the day. ( she wore vintage botanical motif pendant earrings, BTW).

Ms. Sid has come to the realization that the general everyday decor of her home is Cottage Core with Folk Horror Vibes, so not a lot needed to be done to decorate for the celebration. One place that received attention was the front porch. The skeleton was acquired last year and is adorned with an old cloutie style garland, a fabric mask, and a faux evergreen head wreath. He holds a bunch of carrots in keeping with the Coney theme. Going for a Harga look here.

Recently, Ms. Sid has aquired a collection of her family’s ephemera. It has yet to be properly archived, so the morning of the party, it looked like this.

A few skeleton parts, a skull, a butterfly head piece, a mask, a faux greenery sprig, and an old crochet blanket and this is transformed.

One more thing needed to be changed. Ms. Sid decided instead of moving her hound’s crates, she should make them decor. A tablecloth on the bottom one, and a small bouquet, a blanket, skeleton parts, and Ms. Sid’s early childhood friend First Teddy were combined together for this vignette. Harga look achieved.

The Dining room sideboard and shelves were a focal point of the party area. Ms. Sid tucked in a few embellishments to her already unique pottery and bric a brac display

Hmmm. What about the apples?

In accordance with social distancing. health, and Folk Horror Feasting protocols, tables were set in the yard. One table per household attending. Each place had an apple, an individual sealed serving of caramel dip, a knife, and a red distance dance cloth. Each table also had a bottle of hand sanitizer.

General Festivities

First- sanitation!
Then, a toast of individually portioned and sealed beverages
Then we enjoyed the apples.


The salad bar.
The Sweet and Sinister Lucky 13 Dessert Buffet

After the feasting, there was dancing.

After the feasting, the dancing, the desserting, and the indulging responsibly in adult beverages, we had fun with masks and farm implements.

Everyone gathered for one last portrait in front of the Pumpkin Bunny Dude of the Suburban Harvest

As everyone was getting ready to leave, they took away some treats in scandinavian style woven paper baskets.

Individually wrapped treats
masks and tongs and distancing

Coney Craftoween 2020 would not have been possible without the love, support, and shenanigans of some very special people. It was weird, but insanely fun.

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