Coney Craftoween Day 22: Rabbit Food

printable vintage Victorian Era Girl Feeding Rabbits ... "I absolutely LOVE this image, as it is very Easter-ish without being overtly Easter-ish. Yeah, that made sense. This vintage art comes from a Victorian Era advertising trade card & features a peasant farm girl holding fresh vegetables & feeding a nest of rabbits. It was used to advertise Niagra Starch at the time (late 1800′s)."

“It takes four men to dress a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil.”

Ah, yes. How can we speak of harvest and rabbits without speaking of salad. Sometimes referred to as rabbit food, salad has a long and oddly controversial history.

Salad has been long toted as the key to a healthy lifestyle.

And the ease of information exchange on the internet has allowed that philosophy to be marketed, pop cultured, and schematized for easy indoctrination

bumble button: Darling Victorian Rabbits and Bunnies From Children's Books and Antique Postcards

In the most general sense, currently a salad is a dish of raw vegetables- mostly leafy- with some form of “dressing” on top. But over time there have been countless variations. There are formulas for composing a salad which the internet has allowed to be shared in quick graphic format.

A handy guide to building your own (healthy!) salad | Produce For Kids

Dressings get their own charts and diagrams too

Salad Dressing 101: Some simple tips to make your own delicious dressing for your salads!
Make your healthy salads better.  How to make your favorite salad dressings healthier

Despite all this information, it is still easy to mess a salad up.

Salad has actually been at the center of a variety of controversies. It may be hard to believe, but once upon a time salad was extremely manly.

But at some point after World War II, salad became a “ladies” food.

And that stereotype has led to an entire genre of stock photography used by the health and fitness, food preparation, food service, appliance, etc. industries just to name a few.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit | Summary, Characters, & Facts | Britannica
Peter Rabbit seems to like solo salad too.

Salads get a lot of glamor from how they are dressed. A variety of different toppings have been in fashion over the years.

There is the classic Caesar Salad which is not nearly as historical as people think but is still considered to be pretty manly, as far as salad goes.

The Food Timeline: history notes--salad

And there are a few dressings with histories that are not quite what people think,much%20she%20requested%20the%20recipe.

Salad can be very serious business, even when chefs step away from leafy greens and move into root vegetable territory.

And salad can be downright terrifying.

The World's Best Jello Salad Recipes (That's Right....Jello Salad!) | HubPages

This is the stuff of nightmares!

Assorted vegetables, notably stuffed olives, trapped in green Jell-O.

Americans have pushed the limits of salad decency for years. it is one thing to put mayonnaise with savory items. But putting it with fruits, jello, marshmallows, and other sweets might be just a bit too far. Here are some tamer examples.

Way back when in 1975, a 7 year old Ms. Sid contributed to her math class’ metric measurement cookbook with her own version of a Southern salad classic= Ambrosia AKA Crazy Fruit Salad. FYI- the pears and peaches for this recipe are canned in heavy syrup. Of course.

No description available.
No description available.

But long before 2020, salad struck fear into the hearts of germaphobes everywhere when it was presented in a salad bar!

salad bars | Restaurant-ing through history

A brave man named Johnny Garneau decided something had to be done to make salad safe.

But even with sneeze guards in place, salad remained dangerous stuff. Like when it was used for a domestic terrorist bio attack

1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack - Wikipedia

Fortunately, gardening, harvesting, chopping things up, then getting creative with plating and presentation in the privacy of our own homes are intersection points between the cottage core and folk horror aesthetic movements.

Garden Vegetables Art Print - Vintage Botanical Illustration - Science –  discoverprints

Clean out your fridge and panty and set up a salad bar on your kitchen counter! Take a safe socially distanced and hopefully contactless trip to the produce stand OR trade with your neighbors for whatever you don’t have on hand. Bonus points if you use every single knife and cutting board you own to make enough salad for less than 2 servings.

Ultimate DIY Salad Bar Shopping List - FREE PRINTABLE! This is going to be a great tool! Printing out this week to help plan healthy lunches!

Engage in totally cottage core approved reduce, reuse, recycle behavior and make yourself some delectable croutons!,accompaniments%20to%20soups%20and%20stews.

Salad Days' Shakespeare's Antony And Cleopatra Quote Meaning

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