Coney Craftoween Day 9: Fun Friday-Wicker Man Week

Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.

Lord Summerisle

Let’s set this party on fire! Although the movie is set at Midsummer, it is all about getting ready for harvest tide.

Ms. Sid has faith we can adjust the finer details as needed.

Here are some great ideas for snackie bits fit for Sargent Howie and the rest of the revelers.

Make sure all the guests know that masks are needed for everyone’s safety.

It has been a while since we have been able to gather. We should make this really count.

Heck- maybe someone wants to get married. Masks are very in right now.

And what’s a party without a signature cocktail?

And, of course, a non-alcoholic version for the designated festival witnesses.

Dinner music!

Movie time!

A documentary about the original film.

Some fun!!!!

A sequel in radio play format!

Ohhh- when it is safe to go past the village walls, let’s have an adventure! Alton Towers or bust!

We should check to see if the buyers have converted this to a B&B. We could stay here!

House where the film “The Wicker man” and later the series “Hamish McBeth” were filmed

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